Full Service Fiduciaries

A versatile integrated solution for fiduciaries of all shapes and sizes.


For traditional fiduciary companies managing clients wealth in conventional and not so conventional structures Flyingboat provides an integrated, one platform solution for managing the entire business from end to end. The core elements for record keeping that most fiduciary company’s require are as follows:

Core & Entity Database

Flyingboat’s powerful entity database and core facilities put you firmly in control of your business.  Comprehensive facilities to track the entities you deal with – clients, prospects, third parties – whether individuals or corporates etc along with the network of relationships.  Facilities for managing CDD, entity intelligence, CRM, risk and reviews together with managing the entity lifecycle put you in control of the business.

Accounting & Investment

Usually there are financial records to be kept whether complex busy trading companies, simple single asset holding investment companies, or trusts, foundations or similar. Whatever the requirement Flyingboat’s comprehensive multi currency accounting functionality is sure to be able to address the requirement. It can even produce formal year end accounts.

Secretarial & Registration

Commonly known as Statutory, the ability to keep records on all of the essential data involved in administering an entity – whether a trust, company, foundation or any type of exotic entity that you administer. Comprehensive functionality for managing Share Registers, Role holder registers together with extensive reporting.

Practice Administration

Whatever you do for your clients, you will no doubt want to bill them for your services.  Whether by agreed fee basis, time or activity related, responsibility related or ad-valorem based fees Flyingboat has the means of recording who needs to be billed and in what way.
Flyingboat will generate fee notes to clients when they are due to receive fees, process them into the office and client accounting records and manage your debtors. Integration at its finest.

Integrated record keeping saves time, increases your accuracy and productivity enhancing your bottom line.

Management Information Reporting

Management Information Reporting Diagram

Beyond just record keeping Flyingboat puts you firmly in control of your business and lowers your cost of doing business through efficient integration and functionality.

Final Accounts Production

Not only can Flyingboat manage your client accounting requirements it will also produce the Financial Statements for entities.  A template based system provides high level of automation allowing entity specific variations which are remembered from year to year delivering substantial efficiency and accuracy savings.

Tasks & Diary

Knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it by is critical for efficiently managing client, office and affairs and regulatory requirements effectively.  Flyingboat’s comprehensive Task Management System allows you to manage all types of tasks - from template based multi staged, multi participant workflows to one item check list tasks.  With tasks linking to reviewable data you’ll never miss a task.

CDD & Risk

Flyingboat provides a toolkit of functionality to manage Client Due Diligence and Risk.  Diverse functionality to enable you to establish a compliance environment to suit the requirements of your business : record keeping functions for KYC materials, a risk assessment questionnaire system, Tasks for reminders and tracking activities, plus reporting for exceptions, missing items and any overdue actions.  A complete package.

Statutory & FATCA Reporting

Benefit from Flyingboat’s ability to provide the tools for generating the statutory returns required in many jurisdictions (a list that will continue to grow).  Beyond traditional reporting Flyingboat provides support for reporting Tax Information Exchange data such as FATCA through Flyingboat’s reporting hub.

Further reasons to choose Flyingboat

Reporting hub

Our reporting hub puts you in control of all of the different types of reports you organisation needs – internal management reports, client reports and reports to authorities.  A centralised repository to store and enable sharing and distribution of reports as they are generated streamlines the process.

Bespoking and enhancements

With such a strong base of functionality it comes as no surprise that clients have sought bespoke solutions to extend Flyingboat’s capability to their own specific needs.  Such bespoking delivers cost effective systems tailored to those requirements in a fraction of the time and cost of building a completely bespoke system.

Security & peace of mind

Flyingboat provides comprehensive user permission and security functions so you remain in control of what your users can see and do within the system allowing you to exercise the control and discretion you require.

Built and supported by professionals, supported by a community

With over 20 years of experience in providing software and consultancy services to companies involved in wealth management you can relax in the knowledge that you are being looked after by experienced professionals.  We build long term relationships with our clients and feedback from our community of users helps us keep the product up to date with the latest changes in regulation and business practice.


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