Family Office

Simplify the management of your Family Office


Running a complex family office is demanding with so many disparate activities to control and coordinate.  Flyingboat is the one platform solution for managing the entire operation from end to end enabling the maximum benefit to be derived from integration.  The core elements for record keeping and automated functionality that many Family Offices require are as follows:

Core & Entity Database

Flyingboat’s powerful entity database and core facilities put you firmly in control of your business.  Comprehensive facilities to track the entities you deal with – clients, prospects, third parties – whether individuals or corporates etc along with the network of relationships.  Facilities for managing CDD, entity intelligence, CRM, risk and reviews together with managing the entity lifecycle put you in control of the business.

Accounting & Investments

Flyingboat really excels with comprehensive accounting facilities for multiple entities involving multiple currencies, investment portfolio management and banking integration.  Functions for simplifying complex tasks and extensive reporting to put you firmly in control.

Secretarial & Registration

With increasing complexity of the entities involved in managing the affairs of a family office – different entity types in different jurisdictions, Flyingboat provides a unifying solution enabling you to record and manage the data all in one place.

Estate and Task Management

In addition to the tasks involved in efficiently administering the entities that the family office operates through, Flyingboat’s Task Management System manages the practical activities involved in running estates and maintaining high value assets. Whether it be insurance or servicing  reminders, or other tasks Flyingboat’s flexibility adapts to your requirements.

Integrated record keeping saves time, increases your accuracy and productivity keeping your Family Office running smoothly.

Further reasons to choose Flyingboat

Security & peace of mind

Flyingboat provides comprehensive user permission and security functions so you remain in control of what your users can see and do within the system allowing you to exercise the control and discretion you require.

Built and supported by professionals, supported by a community

Withover 20 years of experience in providing software and consultancy services to companies involved in wealth management you can relax in the knowledge that you are being looked after by experienced professionals.  We build long term relationships with our clients and feedback from our community of users helps us keep the product up to date with the latest changes in regulation and business practice.


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