Employment and Payroll

Solutions in employment scheme administration


Flyingboat’s standard functionality is at the core of being able to deliver efficient operation of schemes related to employee benefits and payroll. Additional processing functionality tailored to scheme dynamics can provide smooth operation through automation of processes involved in administration. All built on a solid and reliable base of core functionality.

Core & Entity Database

Flyingboat’s powerful entity database and core facilities put you firmly in control of your business.  Comprehensive facilities to track the entities you deal with – clients, prospects, third parties – whether individuals or corporates etc along with the network of relationships.  Facilities for managing CDD, entity intelligence, CRM, risk and reviews together with managing the entity lifecycle put you in control of the business.


Utilise Flyingboat’s advanced bookkeeping functionality to accurately process accounting records for transactions that take place in the administration of schemes. Providing facilities including authorisation, audit trails, and integration with banking to automate payments is a key feature.

Secretarial & Registration

Commonly known as Statutory, the ability to keep records on all of the essential data involved in administering an entity  -irrespective of its type – e.g. trust, company a foundation or any type.  Comprehensive functionality for managing Share Registers, Role holder registers together with extensive reporting to meet management and statutory requirements.


With a comprehensive package of reporting for and audit needs together with other reports for management purposes, Flyingboat won’t leave you short of reporting information.  For employment and payroll schemes reporting of data to relevant authorities is supported.

Integrated record keeping saves time, increases your accuracy and productivity enhancing your bottom line.

Further reasons to choose Flyingboat

Built and supported by professionals, supported by a community

Withover 20 years of experience in providing software and consultancy services to companies involved in wealth management you can relax in the knowledge that you are being looked after by experienced professionals.  We build long term relationships with our clients and feedback from our community of users helps us keep the product up to date with the latest changes in regulation and business practice.

Security & peace of mind

Flyingboat provides comprehensive user permission and security functions so you remain in control of what your users can see and do within the system allowing you to exercise the control and discretion you require.


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