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Efficiency in delivering financial services delivers profits at the bottom line.  Flyingboat’s standard functionality provides a great platform for building bespoke applications to meet your business administration challenges.  The administration of many financial services products can bogged down by spreadsheets, work arounds or applications that are no longer fit for purpose.  Our solutions have included those to automate administration of specialist financial services designed by niche service providers often where aspects of fiduciary administration are elements of the requirement – such as trusts, companies and other structures.  Core Flyingboat functionality used includes:

Practice Administration

Whatever you do for your clients, you will no doubt want to bill them for your services.  Whether by agreed fee basis, time or activity related, responsibility related or ad-valorem based fees Flyingboat has the means of recording who needs to be billed and in what way.
Flyingboat will generate fee notes to clients when they are due to receive fees, process them into the office and client accounting records and manage your debtors.  Integration at its finest.

Secretarial & Registration

Whilst your financial services products may use some standard structures – e.g. companies & trusts, other products may be put together using more exotic types of structures.  Flyingboat’s un-paralleled flexibility at being able to accommodate different structures for different jurisdictions provides a head start in getting your application automated.  Breaking out of inefficiencies and risk from spreadsheets is key in improving your profitability through efficiency.

Accounting & Investment

Any financial service product will need some accounting and Flyingboat’s comprehensive and flexible accounting functionality provides a platform to deliver efficiency.  In bespoke scenarios this is often coupled with data import capabilities to capture data from external sources before validation, processing and output.  Banking integration for processing payments provides for straight through processing.  

Core & Entity Database

Flyingboat’s powerful entity database and core facilities put you firmly in control of your business.  Comprehensive facilities to track the entities you deal with – clients, prospects, third parties – whether individuals or corporates etc along with the network of relationships.  Facilities for managing CDD, entity intelligence, CRM, risk and reviews together with managing the entity lifecycle put you in control of the business.

We have delivered bespoke solutions in a number of areas including employment schemes and pension administration. Automation features have included import facilities from third party source data, payment processing, electronic notification of payments to beneficiaries, various accounting dimensions and production of statutory returns to relevant authorities.

Delivering Bespoke Solutions

Management Information Reporting Diagram

Further reasons to choose Flyingboat

Security & peace of mind

Flyingboat provides comprehensive user permission and security functions so you remain in control of what your users can see and do within the system allowing you to exercise the control and discretion you require.

Built and supported by professionals, supported by a community

Withover 20 years of experience in providing software and consultancy services to companies involved in wealth management you can relax in the knowledge that you are being looked after by experienced professionals.  We build long term relationships with our clients and feedback from our community of users helps us keep the product up to date with the latest changes in regulation and business practice.


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