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A FATCA & CRS XML report production solution for Financial Institutions of all types and sizes around the globe

With many satisfied customers of our software and online service around the world since 2015, Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange (fb-TDE) is the proven reporting solution for Automated Exchange of Information (AEOI) Tax reporting generating XML reporting files for CRS and FATCA.  fb-TDE is the one solution you can rely on no matter how large or small your requirements are and where ever you are in the world.  Watch our short video for an introduction as to what our software and online service does.

fb-TDE explainer video

Our software has generated thousands of XML files which have been submitted to tax authorities all around the world, our clients include international private banks, investment managers, law firms, fund administrators and fiduciary & corporate service provider companies from both onshore and 'offshore' locations around the world, including Europe, the UK, the Channel Islands, Caribbean / Atlantic region together with Asia and the southern hemisphere.

New for 2018 - the best just got better !

For 2018 we have added some important new features:

Install the software or use our online service

We offer the options of on-site software install or our outsourced web based online Bureau Service where we can do the data processsing for you, but either way we will be there to help you all the way.  Our software has been designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind so that it can be the one solution for managing reporting wherever you are in the world and wherever it is you need to report to.  Hover over icon reveals data and click through provided to detail record.

fb-TDE The Online Bureau Data Processing Service – the light touch wherever you are in the world

Suitable for low to medium volume reporting - simply load your data into our easy to use data collection spreadsheet, validate it with our checking app and upload it to our web portal for processing. You are then notified when your report file(s) are ready for download, checking and onward submission to the tax office in your jurisdiction.  If your file needs digital signing and packaging for submission into IDES then we can help with that too.

Low cost pricing and volume discounts make the online service an attractive proposition.  Contact us for more information or request a quote to meet your reporting requirements.

Download the 2018 brochure here

fb-TDE – Software installed at your site

For higher volumes of reporting, or for organisations thinking strategically about multi regime tax reporting, an on site install of fb-TDE is likely to be the preferred option. fb-TDE is a single software hub to consolidate your multi jurisdictional tax reporting data in one place simplifying the process of finalising and validating data before making and tracking submissions with the relevant tax authorities.  We can offer the simplicity of direct data entry or data capture via spreadsheet route. We can discuss with you integration with your systems as fb-TDE as built in integration technology.

Simplicity at its heart

  1. Enter your client data directly into Fb-TDE or populate our FATCA spreadsheet and import
  2. Data is validated and provides you with a validation report to share with colleagues
  3. Make any amendments required
  4. Review and Approve (with multi approvers if necessary)
  5. Generate XML file & submit to the tax authority
  6. Record submission confirmation details

Many jurisdictions require manual upload of the returns XML file into their systems. For these jurisdictions Fb-TDE provides you with the XML file and allows you to record details of the manual submission together with receipt numbers.  For direct submission to US IRS IDES portal we also offer a signing and data packaging tool. Some more jurisdictions are providing automated upload facilities and we are adding support for these as they become available.

NEW - Data visualisation and Orphan data viewer.  A new analyse data function helps you iron out any wrinkles in your data by highlighting the data visually.  A chart format enables reports to be inspected visually and any deficient data is highlighted.  Similar graphical prompts are shown in list views of data.  The orphan data function shows those entities which have not been linked and hence wont be part of a report. 

Data Visualiser
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Client Testimonials

“Selecting FlyingBoat became a simple process due to their efficiency in demonstrating the system and their ability to meet our requirements.  Their continued support throughout the process also proved invaluable and key for us to work together, not just in Jersey but across our other jurisdictions where Flyingboat was being implemented. ” – Carlos Rebelo, Associate Director, Langham Hall Jersey, May 2018

"I should like to thank you again for the very responsive and professional service and for your excellent level of communication."

Trust Company - Isle of Man, June 2016.

"Many thanks for helping us out with FATCA returns.  All went smoothly and your team were great to deal with."
Trust company - Jersey, June 2015.

"Fusion have come out as the clear winners in particular against the competitive quote you provided." - International Bank, Guernsey,  December 2015

Management Information Reporting Diagram

Data Acquisition

Entity Data may be imported and validated from spreadsheets and captured into the fb-Tax Data Exchange hub.

Data can be enterd directly into fb-TDE.

Data can also be read directly from Flyingboat. Contact us with your specific data capture requirements.

Data Management

Validation and completeness indicators will help manage the process of getting your data ready to submit. History of submissions and submission files maintained for your records. New data visualiser and analysis tool.

We also have imports of data from the IRS to allow easy identification and association of FI’s.

Easy and Cost Effective

Outsourced low cost online Bureau Service and banded annual licence fees makes for a simple and affordable licensing arrangement now matter how large or small your requirements are. Contact us for a quote.

Future Proof

fb-TDE prepares and formats data in accordance tax reporting requirements as they emerge and evolve –
2016 UK IGA (CDOT)
2017 CRS (OECD)
2017 US FATCA v2

SQL Database

Secure and scalable multi user software with light installation requirements meaning you can get the software installed and running on your site rapidly with minimum of expense.

Install free updates - report format updates delivered automatically with no software for the IT team to install.


Different local tax authorities have differing requirements and for each type of submission - fb-TDE prepares the data in the style required.
fb-TDE supports automated submission interfaces (e.g. Guernsey) and acknowledgement receipt. Direct submission to the United States IRS IDES system requires digital signing and encryption - our consultatants can help you through these processes.

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