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US FATCA & CRS REPORTING :  Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange 2018 - The game changer in AEoI reporting - bristling with new features including an integration module to connect to your corporate data sources, Country by Country CRS reporting coupled with a report combination function. We also offer a quick and easy to use online web based Bureau Service for processing tax returns quickly and cost effectively.

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Flyingboat fintech software products provide versatile solutions for the financial services industry - Flyingboat Wealth Management Software for businesses involved in managing wealth - Fiduciary & Corporate service providers, Fund Administrators, Family Offices.  Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange helps these and any other type of financial institution meet their tax reporting obligations under international tax agreements including US FATCA, and Common Reporting Standard (CRS) by generating XML return files for submission to tax authorities. 

Flyingboat Client Web Portal provides a web based presence for secure  interaction with your clients - file exchange, reporting, live data and more.   Beneficial Ownership Registers : With many jurisdictions now implementing these registers Fusion is providing support for electronic filing. Solutions include Jersey and Guernsey to date.

Flyingboat WMS: Solutions by financial sector

A versatile integrated solution for fiduciaries of all shapes and sizes.

For traditional fiduciary companies managing clients wealth in conventional and not so conventional structures, Flyingboat provides an integrated, one platform solution for managing the entire business from end to end.

Flyingboat’s modular structure enables clients to take the elements that they need to run their business and have the option of taking further elements in the future should it become appropriate.

Key features

  • Total integration
  • Client & Office accounting
  • Statutory record keeping
  • CRM, CDD & Risk
  • Tax Reporting
  • Time, WIP, fees & billing
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For Corporate Service Providers Flyingboat provides comprehensive features for managing large quantities of client and related entities with comprehensive record keeping functions for supporting compliance and risk management.

Totally integrated with Office accounting and billing, Flyingboat users benefit from significant productivity gains through automation.

Key features

  • Total integration
  • Client & Office accounting
  • Statutory record keeping
  • CRM, CDD & Risk
  • Tax Reporting
  • Time, WIP, fees & billing
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Flyingboat’s sophisticated functionality provides Family Office managers with an easy to use system that allows all of your family office data to be stored and processed from one place.

Comprehensive integrated task management provides for control of the practical aspects of estate management

Key features

  • Sophisticated accounting & Investment Portfolio Management
  • Statutory record keeping
  • Tasks, Diary and Estate Management
  • Document management
  • Tax Reporting
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Through building on the core product functionality bespoke solutions enable Flyingboat to automate manual processes and systems and gain business advantage.

Solutions have been delivered for clients in many areas including Pension and Employment Scheme administration.

Key features

  • Cost effective tailored solutions built on :
  • Powerful Core : Client Database & CRM
  • Multi currency accounting engine
  • Fees management engine
  • Secretarial database functions
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For Fund Administrators Flyingboat offers set of functionality to manage the record keeping associated with Fund Administration together with functionality required to keep track on the work you do for the fund to manage your charges to the fund and promotors.

Integrated Tax Reporting lets you keep on top of your reporting obligations under US FATCA, UK-IGA and CRS.

Key features

  • Powerful Core : Investor & Entity Database, CRM
  • Multi currency accounting
  • Time, WIP and Fee Management
  • Investor Registers and other Statutory record keeping
  • Tax Reporting

Functionality at its core

Functionality at its core
  1. Core & Entity Database

    Comprehensive entity database facilities and CRM together with database functionality for reference data

  2. Accounting & Investments

    Sophisticated multi entity, multi currency accounting with integrated investment management for all your client entities and your office.

  3. Compliance, Risk & FATCA

    Manage all your risk, regulatory and statutory reporting requirements in Flyingboat with comprehensive functionality to always keep you in control.

  4. Secretarial & Registration

    Data processing, management and reporting functionality to manage all of the data required to administer all types of entity from any jurisdiction.

  5. Time, Fees & Billing

    Flyingboat delivers efficient billing of your clients through flexible and easy to use functionality. Supporting multiple billing styles, multiple billing offices, Flyingboat allows you to manage your business effectively.

  6. Task, Diary & Workflow

    Facilities for managing all of the activities you need to perform to administer client and office affairs.

  7. Reporting Hub

    Flyingboat provides extensive reporting facilities to arm you with the information you need to run your business and the data to deliver to your clients.  Statutory reporting to authorities completes the picture.


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Sectors Full Service Fiduciaries Corporate Service Providers Family Office Fund Administration Employment and Payroll Pensions
Core Entity Database, CRM tick tick tick tick tick tick
Bookkeeping and Investments tick tick tick tick tick
Secretarial and Registration tick tick tick tick
Task & Diary tick tick tick tick tick tick
Time and Billing tick tick tick tick tick
CDD, Risk & Compliance tick tick tick tick tick
Reporting Hub tick tick tick tick tick tick

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Highly sophisticated and richly developed functionality made bespoke for the structures and process found in your business. Find out what our bespoke package can do for you.


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